First blog post

Hello everyone!
And welcome to The Midlist.
Get comfortable, because I hope we’re all going to be here for a while.
You may ask why I’m calling this website The Midlist. Simply put, it’s because the majority of authors out there are not the Big Name. For every Patrick Rothfuss, there are many authors who are struggling to get by with what they love doing. That’s who I want to focus on with these interviews and book reviews. That’s not to say we won’t manage to interview a Big Name at some point, but if we don’t, we don’t.
We’ll be starting off slow with text only interviews and possibly some live author Q&A. In the future, maybe we will do something more.
Hopefully everyone who comes here will get something out of it. A new author to read, a series they have never heard of, or even just a new insight to something they have already read and enjoyed.
This site will not be tied to one genre. Since science fiction and fantasy are my first loves, they may be a little more represented, but mystery, thrillers, horror, westerns, urban fantasy – all fair game.
Thanks for taking the time to visit the site. Please come back again and bring a friend!